Off-Leash Dog Area


The 4.7-acre off-leash dog area at Broemmelsiek Park features a covered shelter, a grove of shade trees, a dock and small pond for water entertainment. It also serves as the location for the annual Paws in the Park celebration, a fun off-leash dog festival packed with contests, prizes, sponsor giveaways and K-9 and obedience skills demonstrations. Owners and pets in the off-leash area must comply with all posted rules (PDF) when using the park. Occasionally, due to inclement weather, the Parks Department is forced to close its dog parks to protect them from damage. To learn the status before you visit the parks, please call the department at 636-949-7475.

Dog Park Rules / Etiquette 

  • Owners are legally responsible for their dogs and for any injuries or damage they may cause.
  • Keep your dog on-leash while entering and exiting the dog park. Dogs must remain on-leash while outside the dog park facility.
  • Limit 3 dogs per person within the off-leash dog area.
  • No children under the age of 8 are allowed inside the off-leash dog area.
  • Owners and guests may not bring food, treats, or glass inside the dog park.
  • Never leave your dog unattended.
  • Dogs must be licensed and immunized before entering the dog park.
  • Please clean up after your dog. Doggie bags are provided within the park.
  • Aggressive dogs are not permitted.
  • Female dogs in heat and puppies under 4 months of age are not allowed inside the park.
  • Additional rules are posted at the off-leash dog area.