At the center of Indian Camp Creek Park is the eco-playground that celebrates the natural environment of the region. A hexagonal shaped pavilion overlooks the unique facility, which combines art and play.


Dotting the rocky landscape are stone frogs and a turtle that were created by renown St. Louis artist Robert Cassilly, who also designed the statues at Turtle Park (located along Highway 40 in St. Louis). Along with the large stone animals, smaller figures depict creatures common to the area such as turtles, frogs and salamanders.

Uncovering Surprises

Young explorers will delight in digging in the sand, with several surprise finds to uncover. In addition, tracks of animals and fossils found within the park have been captured in the sidewalk surrounding the pavilion and playground.

Play Equipment

Play features include 2 slides, a tire swing, and a half-mile asphalt and boardwalk path around the nearby fishing pond.