Hiking / Biking Trails


Quail Ridge Park offers approximately 3 miles of paved trail that connects park amenities. In addition, 4 miles of natural trail wind through woods and rugged terrain to offer close-up views of the wildlife and native flora found inside the park.

To avoid extensive damage, trails may be open to foot traffic only during freeze/thaw conditions. Please read more about the negative effects freeze/thaw conditions have on natural-surface trails. 

To learn the status before you visit a park, please call the Parks Department at 636-949-7475.

Trail Rules / Etiquette

  • Respect the trails - Please dispose of waste and litter to protect trail environment.
  • Share the trail. Quail Ridge Park trails are open to hiking and biking use.
  • Please remain on existing trails and do not create your own paths.
  • Move to the right to allow faster trail users to pass.
  • When passing other trial users, provide adequate warning and reduce speed.
  • Do not use trails during rain or when paths are wet and muddy.
  • Dogs must remain on-leash at all times while on the trail.